House of Principe was founded in 2020 by Constantino Manolakis.

It’s eclecticism and fusion of contemporary and traditional styles has attracted Collectors and life lovers; by proposing a selection of both established and emerging products and experiences,  in the fields of Gastronomy, Music, Art and Fashion accessories, it offers a truly elitist mix, with an ever growing number of innovative artisans to join this community. Principe aims at becoming the go-to destination for Connaisseurs, who want to experience and be part of something Visionary and Unique. The Company was built out of a shared love for Being Eclectic and the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy and acquire experiences in an environment that is both Welcoming and Inspirational. House of Principe, has a core team of specialists, dedicated to a constant search for new Talents and Innovations.

“ Il Principe “, is a traveller if the world. His bohemian spaces, collect all sorts of welfare goods, products of Mother Earth, suggesting our everyday Habits. The Highest quality coffee, dried nuts & fruits, pastry delicacies and exclusive spirits to be paired with rare cigars. All premium Natural products, invite you to share an explosion of Aromas and aesthetic Pleasures at the House of Principe !

Our Mission is to enrich Human Daily Activities and offer a sophisticated appreciation of the marvels of Enlightened Personalities!